Study Hall Paid Facilitator

Website Mill Creek Community Church.

Many neighborhood families are facing unprecedented challenges with public schools meeting online this fall.  Mill Creek Community Church is excited to respond to this current challenge with radical hospitality.  We believe we can bless our friends and neighbors by opening our building to host in-person study areas for school-aged children.  Like Jesus who welcomed and served children (c.f. Matthew 19:13-15; Mark 10:13-16; Luke 18:15-17), we want to extend an invitation to the kids of our congregation and community.  Like other churches who historically demonstrated sacrifice and service in the face of plagues, we are inspired to live like Jesus before a watching world.

The mission of our program is to BLESS families so more know Jesus.  We have three expectations for our team:

  1. Love Kids: It’s crucial that the students trust us as safe and friendly adults who offer unconditional love.  Let us love children like Jesus, investing ourselves into their lives by learning their names and praying regularly for them.
  2. Great Attitudes: This study hall has been launched in response to a global pandemic.  And as changes continue to swirl around us, let us not be surprised when our existing plans must change.  Flexibility and creativity will be important qualities for us to embody as we work together to BLESS families.  Above all, staff members are expected to have positive, can-do attitudes that will encourage and lift students and volunteers alike.
  3. Be Committed: Many in our culture are allergic to commitment.  In contrast, we want to be a consistent presence in the life of families and students.  Since we’re offering such a significant program, reliability is essential.

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