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Youth Pastor

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About McCook E-Free
McCook E-Free is a 43-year-old EFCA Church located in McCook, NE. We are one growing church with four campuses across three communities, in two states. Our church family is made up of more than 600 people, with an average weekly attendance of approximately 400. We are a regional church made up of people living in and influencing nearly a dozen communities. We are a multi-generational church whose mission is to cultivate followers of Jesus to impact our world. We do this through worship, disciple-making, serving, and leadership, all in relational environments where people are encouraged to love God, themselves, and others well.


To apply please send your resume and any supporting documents, information, or media to pastoralsearch@mccookefree.org.

REPORTS TO: Senior Pastor or Elder Chairman in the absence of Senior Pastor

HOURS: Full-time up to 40 hours per week

The Youth Pastor shall be responsible for the oversight and coordination of the youth ministry. The goal of this ministry will be to fulfill our church’s mission and vision in and through our youth.

Will lead the discipleship of all Youth and oversee the discipleship of all children at all McCook E-Free Campuses.
Develop, implement, and maintain a long-term discipleship strategy for the Junior High (6th-8th grades) and High school (9th-12th grades) youth ministry of all McCook E-Free campuses that supports the overall vision of the church.
Establish annual goals, objectives, and plans to implement the youth ministry strategy.
Plan and oversee all youth activities and programs, including but not limited to delivering biblically-based messages at youth worship gatherings/studies, and other youth activities or provide other adults to do so in his absence; lead and develop discipleship system; organize youth retreats, mission trips, and other special events for all campuses.
Oversee the Children’s Ministry Director.
Coordinate with the Children’s Ministry Director in the implementation of a ministry strategy to assure a cohesive scope and sequence in the discipleship of all children from birth through high school.
Coordinate with the Children’s Ministry Director to create and implement a strategy to equip families to make disciples within their homes.
Will work with the staff in program strategy design and implementation and will be responsible for the completion of all goals created by and/or assigned to him.
Provide spiritual counsel and personal outreach to the youth, with the goal of producing Christ-likeness in them.
Will lead a Youth Mission trip on at least every other year basis.
Recruit, train, and oversee volunteer youth workers.
Develop student leadership through training and personal discipleship.
Participate, as he can, with children’s outreach ministries, for the purpose of building relationships with the next generation of youth and their families.
Maintain open communication and personally engage with the parents of the youth and members of the congregation in order to solicit feedback and support.
Will submit wanted changes in the Youth budget to Administrator for consideration by the budget committee annually and will regularly monitor their budget lines.
Track attendance and follow up on all students.
Assist with other ministry needs as requested by the Senior Pastor.
Expected to have a visible presence in our community and schools.

General Ministry Responsibilities
Attending weekly Staff Meetings.
Participate in frequent meetings with Sr. Pastor and Pastoral Staff.
Participate in collaborative meetings.
Administrative work associated with ministry.
Other duties as assigned.

A born-again evangelical Christian who agrees with the doctrinal statement of McCook E- Free.
Loves the Lord and has a heart for youth/children.
Possesses a good knowledge of the Bible and must be a good communicator.
Has an effective prayer life.
Understand and embrace rural culture.
Great with people and have a passion to reach, connect, and disciple.
Empathetically care for people well.
Develop and train leaders.
Team Player.
Flexible and adaptable.
Must be able to communicate well.
Must enjoy spending time with people.
Ability to use our database.
If married, there should be clear evidence of a healthy marriage. Your wife needs to be a believer, supportive of your ministry, and involved in the life of the church.
If a parent, there should be clear evidence of your care, nurturing, and discipleship of your children. You should not sacrifice your family on the altar of a busy ministry schedule.
Personal finances should be managed properly, not being weighed down by debt or mismanagement.
Your physical health should not limit or impede your ministry.
Meet the qualifications of an Elder/Overseer as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
A minimum of two years of post-high school education.

Married with school-aged children is preferred.
Formal bible education is preferred.
A seminary degree is preferred.
Pastoral experience is much preferred.

This person reports directly to the Senior Pastor and is reviewed annually by the Senior Pastor and two Elders. In the Senior Pastor’s absence, they report to the Elder Chairman.

Please send your resume and any supporting documents, information, or media to pastoralsearch@mccookefree.org.