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Youth Pastor

Website Laura Street Baptist Church

Laura Street Baptist Church in Maryville, Missouri is seeking a full-time youth pastor who is solid in God’s Word and tender to His leading.  To submit resumes or seek more information, please email

Principal Function:  To hear from God to coordinate the total youth ministry of the church, leading people to Christ, promoting spiritual growth, and developing Christian education.


1.     High school, college, and preferred seminary education.

2.     Total dedication to the cause of Jesus Christ based on a true born-again experience.

3.     Adhere to Baptist Faith & Message 2000

4.     One who has a sense of God’s call to youth.

General Requirements:

1.     Will maintain an office at the church and follow a weekly schedule.

2.     Duties will be considered full-time.  Will be allowed one day off a week.

3.     Will hold membership in our church.

4.     Will attend all worship services of the church and will participate in all Sunday and Wednesday ministry activities leading the youth emphasis of these ministries.

5.     Will regularly visit and/or connect with youth and youth parents and practice personal evangelism.

6.     Will be entitled to two weeks vacation upon the anniversary of employment, three weeks after five years of service, not to coincide with Senior Pastor’s if possible.

7.     Allowed two weeks for facilitating revivals or conferences per year.

8.     Serving the church in other duties as needed.


1.     Will be responsible for fulfilling your ministry before God.

2.     Will be under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor and will be accountable primarily to the Senior Pastor.

3.     Will attend all Deacons’ meetings.

4.     Youth ministry programs will be subordinate to the church’s ministry. Will confer with the Senior Pastor concerning ministry program priority.

5.     Will meet with staff at regular staff meetings for coordination of work and will receive input from personnel committee.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.     Is responsible for the development and promotion of a well-balanced youth ministry, which is integrated with the overall mission and ministries of the church.

2.     Will serve as the Youth Discipleship Director in cooperation with Sunday School and other church programs and ministries. Will recruit and equip all youth ministry leaders for the work of the youth ministry and will regularly meet with all youth workers.

3.     Will act as chaperone or supervisor at church encampments and trips or will provide other chaperones to properly supervise youth.

4.     Will be open to providing counseling with youth and refer when needed.

5.     Will have an advisory committee/youth ministry team to assist him in preparation of a calendar of activities. Budget recommendations will also be made in concert with the council of an advisory committee/youth ministry team.

6.     Will emphasize within the youth ministry:

a.     Evangelism

b.     Discipleship and Christian education

c.      Personal spiritual growth and transformation

d.     Desire for the will of God and discernment of God’s calling

7.     Will endeavor to have a well-rounded youth ministry which will include:

a.     Sunday School discipleship

b.     Wednesday night youth discipleship and worship

c.      Periodic Bible Study/discipleship emphasis external to weekly Sunday School or Wednesday discipleship times and environments

d.     Youth outreach/evangelism and youth evangelism training

e.     Scripture memorization

f.      Promote and engage in fellowship and unity through visitation, social activities, recreation, and trips promoting spiritual development.

g.     Camps and mission trips