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Founded in 1874, Komstad Covenant Church Church was launched with much faith, a few families, five acres of land and a passion to obey the Great Commission.   That was back in the wild west of the pre-statehood Dakota Territory.  The term Komstad is the name of a rural village in the historically significant Smaland region of Sweden, and it serves as both a visible and audible reminder of the church’s rich, ethnic and faith-filled heritage.  Over many generations, the church has ethnically diversified and strengthened to both carry on and support many gospel-centered ministries both locally and globally.

Komstad Covenant Church is located in southeast South Dakota, 45 minutes south of Sioux Falls, SD, and 45 minutes north of Sioux City, IA.  The church’s unique location is on the original five acres of granted land in Clay County,  South Dakota, and is central to the region, primarily drawing attendees from multiple communities including Beresford, Centerville, Viborg, Wakonda, Vermillion and the lands in between.  The economy of the area is agriculturally driven but farming families typically have two working spouses, one in the fields and one in town.   The nature of rural regions is that families are typically accustomed to commuting reasonable distances for employment, activities and other necessities.  Komstad’s location affords a host of nearby opportunities from world-class hunting,  fantastic state parks, and collegiate activities to shopping, entertainment and professional sporting events.

The Komstad Covenant Church is seeking a solo pastor who embodies the church’s vision for outreach-driven growth. This will be a man who is able to develop contextualized ministry systems that…

  1. Transition church visitors and attendees into participating church members.
  2. Develop, equip and mobilize the church body for regional and relational outreach efforts oriented towards younger families.
  3. Further develop communication both within the church and to the broader community.

Though Komstad Covenant Church is very relevant to her existing members, many new people have moved into the region so we need a pastor to lead us in helping our regional population experience the relevance and relational value of our Christ-centered church.   Knowing that we are hiring a solo pastor, we are looking for a strong generalist in multiple areas of ministry such as congregational care, engaging Bible-centered teaching, community involvement, church administration, and relational outreach.  Finally, we are praying for God to provide us with a biblically qualified man of God who brings both the visible support of his spouse and family as well as carries a value and understanding of our multi-generational and rural context.

Please take time to review this pastoral search website and the Senior Pastor Job Description.  If you feel that you may be a fit for this pastoral opening, then you are warmly invited to apply by sending the following materials to

  • Intro Letter (make sure this briefly covers your testimony of faith, ministry calling and general fit for this opening)
  • Current Resume (make sure it includes your personal, family, work and educational information)
  • A personal or family photo
  • 2 sermon samples (Please email digital recordings of audio or video sermons. We prefer weblinks, if possible)
  • 3 references (2 references from ministry leaders and 1 from non-family members of your choosing)