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Youth Pastor

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First Baptist Church of Carmi, Illinois, located in beautiful Southern Illinois, is searching for a Youth Pastor to lead a growing ministry of 6th-12th grade students. Currently, we average 50-60 students, and the Illinois Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services are included in our ministry. Our church has a rich history of ministry toward youth and children, and we’re following God’s leadership to call a Youth Pastor.

Job Description:

Supervisor of position: Senior Pastor

Position Title: Youth Pastor


Prefer a bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry, Divinity, Youth guidance, Theology, or other Christian faith education, or a bachelor’s degree in a related field and prefer at least 3 years of experience in church youth ministry.
Provides evidence of being a baptized believer in Jesus Christ.
Follows Biblical mandates for leaders found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
Exhibits a passion for leading young people to Christ.
Agrees with the theology of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000
Agree to submit to a background check.

Position Responsibilities:

Lead and organize effective youth programs implementing fellowship, worship, biblical teaching, discipleship and evangelism, and ministry and mission opportunities.
Be a self-motivated leader imparting the vision of youth ministry to students, parents, church staff, church congregation and the Carmi community.
Demonstrate a passion for evangelism for youth to the congregation, and to Carmi.
Organize and lead local and foreign mission events and youth camp activities.
Recruit, vet, and recommend volunteer youth workers to the Administrative Committee.
Include parents, workers, and the youth committee in planning youth ministry activities.
Enlist parents and a youth committee to help develop an annual budget for youth programs.
Ensure that youth leaders and volunteers comply with the church child protection policy.
Work with other church committees to ensure youth and youth program perspectives are considered in all relevant church programs.
Recruit parent chaperons for mission trips from church members.
Be available for worship services, Sunday School, and church staff meetings.
Stay current with regional youth ministry events and practices.
Attend youth leadership conferences and Greater Wabash Baptist Association youth meetings.
Attend church-wide and extracurricular activities to develop rapport with members of the congregation and the community’s young people.
Follow the current Baptist Faith and Message and church polity.


Be able and willing to become a member of First Baptist Church of Carmi.
Grow First Baptist Church youth ministry into a strong youth witness in Carmi.
Be mentored by the senior pastor, remaining accountable and responsive to his oversight.
Visit the Junior and Senior high school campuses and develop personal contacts with youth at school-approved times.
Be available for worship services and staff meetings.
Include parents and workers in making plans and goals for the coming year.
Regularly update parents and church calendar on youth activities.
Stay current with youth ministry practices by reading, attending youth leadership conferences, etc.
Maintain regular involvement in community and school events.
Present periodic ministry updates to the congregation.
Work well with others.
Maintain a valid Illinois van driver’s license.
Prefer youth minister to live in Carmi.

Administrative Duties:

Build and maintain a record-keeping system (preferably electronic) for all youth-related ministry activities, etc.
Work closely with the youth committee to carry out the church youth program.
Administer the church-approved youth budget according to church policy.
Evaluate the current youth ministry program; then involve the parents and the youth committee to develop a long-range plan for the youth program.
Be responsible for resources, tools, equipment, and properties entrusted to them within the youth ministry, and expect youth to be responsible.
Develop a start-up plan for a College age Sunday School class.
Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

What To Do Next:

Send Resume, Cover Letter, and References to