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Youth Pastor/Director and Church Plant Resident

Website Faith Bible Church

Position Description:

The youth pastor is an elder-­qualified man, as defined in the pastoral epistles, responsible for students’ spiritual development from sixth grade through high school. He will work with the elders and pastors to execute the vision priorities including Sunday morning corporate worship and fellowship, student outreach, evangelistic opportunities (globally and locally), planning and teaching throughout the week and special events, and developing student leaders. All duties are to be performed in a way consistent with biblical standards. This position represents the values of Faith Bible Church at all times and places, whether engaged in professional duties or personal activities. In addition to leading student ministries, this individual will be in training to be equipped to plant or lead a church as soon as five years as the Lord directs.


Organizational Information:

Position Title: Youth Pastor/Director and Church Plant Resident
Reports to: The Leadership Team (in place of a senior pastor, Faith Bible Church has a pastor commission that functions as the lead amongst the elder counsel and staff pastors.)
Managerial & Supervisory Oversight:  Sponsors and volunteer staff.  Paid staff as assigned.


Work Schedule:  A typical week will involve approximately 40 hours, with additional time on occasion for special off-hour events, camps, meetings with parents and lay members of the body, and various outreach opportunities. When these events occur, significant flexibility in the schedule is assumed, but attendance at various staff and team building meetings is expected.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Youth Pastor/Director and Church Plant Resident, in tandem with the Discipleship Pastor, will focus on shepherding, teaching, leadership, administration, and team building. He will carry out the development of strategic and tactical plans for all student ministries and ensure that those plans are congruent and consistent with the strategic framework and values defined by the FBC Leadership Team and Elder Council. As mentioned, he is expected to integrate with the other FBC ministries and outreach opportunities with his team and students.

The Youth Pastor/Director and Church Plant Resident will effectively manage the financial resources, allocate the budget appropriately, and present the budget and ministry plan to the FBC Leadership Team for approval before the annual budgeting submission. He will develop existing and new volunteers and Student Ministry team members, which include identifying deacons, recruiting, assessing gifts, training, and supporting the team.

Along with the duties above, priority should remain on engagement with students and their families and to stay sensitive to special situations and needs in some students’ lives. He will also work in tandem with the BodyLife Pastor to provide support and biblical counsel as appropriate.


Church Planter in Residence Training:

As a Church Planter in Residence, this individual can expect to develop in the following ways:

  • Preaching/Teachi­ng weekly to students.
  • Disciple fathers of our youth teaching them to shepherd their own families.
  • Preach occasionally to the entire body on Sunday morning.
  • Attend all regular elder meetings (whether as a director/ observer or as a pastor/ participant).
  • Engage with other pastors to develop experiences and training for other types of ministries.
  • Participate in ongoing elder training in various forms as they arise.

Church Planter in Residence Expectations:

  • Work towards planting a church within five years in the Lincoln local or regional area.
  • Should a church plant occur, Faith Bible Church plans to support that church both monetarily and with mature congregants who the Lord directs toward the same mission with the goal of helping it become self-sustaining.



A candidate for this position should possess the following:



  • Formal training in Biblical Studies, Christian Education, or a related field, with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience. A relevant postgraduate degree is preferred.


  • Relevant experience in middle school, high school and/or college in teaching and program development, and/or administration.
  • Training and/or experience in the oversight of volunteer ministry personnel.
  • Team Building and group leadership experience.


  • Able to effectively teach the Word of God.
  • Ability to clearly articulate complex concepts and ideas verbally.
  • Clear evidence of well-developed interpersonal skills.
  • Clear leadership potential showing a possible future as a church planter.
  • Appropriate level of applicable social media familiarity, aware of its potential use, and knowledge regarding the effects of its misuse.
  • Demonstrable ability to write creatively and concisely.