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CenterPoint Community Church started with a time of prayer around a table in someone’s dining room. With careful planning and much continued prayer, CenterPoint launched in October 2014 with the mission of making more and better followers of Jesus. We currently average 110-120 in Sunday worship, have seen close to 20 baptisms during our existence, and are excited about what we think God will do in us and through us in the future.


CenterPoint is intentional about engaging both people who consider themselves followers of Jesus as well as those who are not yet followers of Jesus. Our worship services are a great place where people can invite friends who are exploring who Jesus is and where they can feel welcomed and loved as they do so and yet we seek to be a place where people who do believe are challenged regularly through God’s Word. We also enjoy the loving community that God is building here. Relationships are an important part of the DNA of CenterPoint, both within the church family as well as with people in the community and we seek to facilitate that through our community groups and other ways. CenterPoint is committed to both conservative, Biblical theology and excellence in our methodology of engaging the church and the community with the gospel.


We have a simple approach to ministry, prioritizing people over programs. However, we do have programs that we view as being as important part of CenterPoint. Our core programs include community groups, CenterKids/CenterKids Jr., first impressions, music, and teaching/ preaching. Our philosophy on programs is to do fewer of them but to do them well. We believe this is the most effective use of our resources and allows us to focus more on people. We currently meet in a rented space in the Milford, PA area. We are sound financially, particularly for a church approaching five years old. We have a full-time lead pastor and a part-time admin. For more information on CenterPoint you can check out our website at .  Below you can see our mission and core values to give you a better sense of who we are.



To make more and better followers of Jesus


Core Values

What Jesus did matters most!

We’re about God’s radical grace, not man-made rules or do’s and don’ts. It’s about God’s work not ours.

We are all in!

We invest our time, money, and energy to see lives changed forever. We choose to reach others over our own comfort.

We want people to “get it!”

We teach the Bible in an understandable and engaging way. The Bible is relevant to everyone, every day, in every way.

You have something to offer!

God has created and designed you to be involved in his church. We are contributors not consumers.

We are free to be real!

We willingly admit our brokenness and imperfections. Through meaningful relationships, together we share life’s messes and successes.

We are a church without walls!

We don’t wait for people to come to us; instead we live life with them, sharing Jesus in everyday life.

We want to grow up and out!

We grow up in Jesus by becoming better followers of Him and grow out by reaching new people and places.


Lead Pastor Profile


Be a devoted follower of Jesus who…

Demonstrates a growing relationship with Jesus
Embraces and models the biblical qualifications of an elder (I Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9)
Possesses a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent life experience, in a ministry related field
Successfully completes the necessary federal, state, and local background checks
Ideal Qualities

Be a pastor who…

Teaches the Bible in an understanding and engaging way, drawing application to people from all walks of life
Loves people
Willingly and appropriately admits his brokenness and imperfections as an example for others to do so
Demonstrates a compassion for people
Demonstrates wisdom and discernment
Demonstrates humility and a teachable spirit
Relates well with others

Leading your family well, if married, making them a high priority in your life and ministry
Committing yourself to regular time spent with God in prayer, Bible reading, and study
Leading the Leadership Team with humility and purpose
Discerning vision and strategy for CenterPoint alongside the Leadership Team
Communicating approximately 80% of the weekly teachings yearly
Coordinating the weekly worship services with other paid and volunteer team members
Coordinating care for the CenterPoint church family
Working with program leaders to provide oversight of CenterPoint’s programs

Please submit the following electronically for our search team’s review:

Cover Letter
ResumeReferences – include both male and female references and their contact info
Link to sermons/talks within the last year
All submittals should be sent to