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Mission Scholarship

IMB Personnel Scholarship

This scholarship is available to all appointed IMB personnel who are currently completing or who have completed field personnel orientation at the International Learning Center (ILC). This scholarship covers 50% of tuition charges for online and on-campus classes. This scholarship does not apply to doctoral classes. Eligible IMB Personnel include: Career and Apprentice Missionaries, Journeyman (while on field deployment) and International Service Corps.
Prior to the initial scholarship award, students must complete the Missions Scholarship Application. This form must be on file prior to the initial award. If at any time the student ceases to be eligible due to a change in IMB Missionary status, Midwestern must be notified immediately. A letter of certification from the sending organization is required.

Missions Scholarship Application

Macedonia Project Scholarship

In partnership with the International Mission Board, participants may take one seminary course per eight-week term while they are on the field and receive a scholarship equal to 50% of tuition for the course from Midwestern. Participants may receive the remaining 50% scholarship from the IMB. Students must apply for participation in the Macedonia Project with the Personnel Selection Department of the IMB.

Missions Scholarship Application

Returning Journeyman/ISC Scholarship

Awarded to a Journeyman/ISC participant returning within one year of service. A full tuition scholarship for the first two semesters toward a master’s degree at Midwestern’s main campus (residential courses only). It is non-renewable and applicants may not transfer from another seminary. A letter of certification from the sending organization is required.
Missions Scholarship Application