A Triennial Symposium on the Southern Baptist Convention hosted by Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

With presentations by
Jason Allen, David Dockery, Ronnie Floyd, Albert Mohler, Frank Page, Paige Patterson, Thom Rainer and others.




Monday, September 28

3:00pm – Registration, Spurgeon Library open for tours

5:00pm – Dinner in Chapel Banquet Hall

6:00pm – Presentation by Dr. Frank PageThe Cooperative Program and the future of Collaborative Ministry: Chapel Banquet Hall

6:45pm – Break & Group moves to Daniel Lee Chapel

7:00pm – Presentation by Dr. Paige PattersonGuard What has Been Entrusted to You: Counsel to a New Generation of Southern Baptists: Daniel Lee Chapel

7:45pm – Break & Move to Banquet Hall

8:00pm – Dessert Reception and Panel Discussion with Dr. Jason Allen, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Dr. Albert Mohler, Dr. Paige Patterson and Dr. Frank Page:  Passing the Baton: Raising Up the Next Generation of SBC Leaders: Chapel Banquet Hall

Tuesday, September 29

9:00am – Presentation by Dr. Ronnie FloydKindling Afresh the Gift of God: Spiritual Renewal, Strategic Reinvention, and the SBC: Daniel Lee Chapel

9:45am – Break

10:00am – Presentation by Dr. Albert Mohler:  Southern Baptists and the Quest for Theological Identity–Unavoidable Questions for the 21st Century: Daniel Lee Chapel

11:00am – Break

11:15am – Luncheon & Presentation by Dr. David DockeryWho Are Southern Baptists? Towards a Trans-generational Identity: Chapel Banquet Hall

1:00pm – Presentation by Dr. Jason AllenTraining the Next Generation of Pastors, Ministers & Missionaries: Southern Baptist Theological Education in the 21st Century: Daniel Lee Chapel

1:45pm – Break

2:00pm – Breakout Session Presentations (Classrooms):

  • John Mark Yeats16,000,000 Southern Baptists? Recovering Regenerate Church Membership
  • Jason DuesingA Denomination Always for the Church: Ecclesiological Distinctives as a Basis for Confessional Cooperation
  • Christian George: Downgrade: 21st Century Lessons from 19th Century Baptists: Spurgeon Library

3:30pm – Panel Discussion: The Future of State Conventions, with Drs. Jason Allen, Anthony Jordan, John Yeats, Paul Chitwood, Tim Lubinus, and Jim Richards: Daniel Lee Chapel

4:30pm – Presentation by Dr. Thom RainerBy the Numbers: What SBC Demographics tell us about our Past, Present and Future: Daniel Lee Chapel

5:45pm – Dinner & Panel Discussion: Facing the Future Together, with Dr. Jason Allen, Dr. Thom Rainer, Dr. Ronnie Floyd and Dr. Albert Mohler: Chapel Banquet Hall

Dinner will be “A Taste of Kansas City:” Barbecue Buffet & Fellowship


Read Press Release: Midwestern Seminary to host first “The SBC & the 21st Century: Reflection, Renewal, and Recommitment” Symposium on Sept. 28-29