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IMB Missionary Benefits

We offer credit for 4 courses for IMB missionaries following their completion of FPO (Field Personnel Orientation). These courses are:
• MN5001 Personal Discipleship Practicum
• MS7205 Introduction to Orality & Oral Cultures
• MS7207 Missionary Anthropology Practicum
• MS7221 Cross-Cultural Church Planting Practicum

There is no charge for these courses; however, before receiving credit, the students must meet certain requirements. The assistant registrar will enroll students in these courses who have met the following requirements:
1. Be on the field for six months.
2. Enroll and ensure payment for at least one class as an MBTS student (IMB missionaries – Apprentice, Career or Journeymen – receive a 50% discount from MBTS for all classes).
3. Write a book review (7 pages) on Planting Churches Cross Culturally and submit it to Dr. Robin Hadaway ( by attachment.

MBTS Contacts for IMB Personnel
• Dr. Robin Hadaway – Professor of Missions (
• Camden Pulliam – Director of Admissions (
• Cindy Dismang – Associate Registrar (