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Ames Extension (MTS)

The purpose of the Master of Theological Studies, Ames Extension, degree program is to provide a basic understanding of theological disciplines for further graduate study or for general educational purposes. The specific nomenclature for this degree program, which is governed by the same standards, has been chosen according to Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s specific purpose in offering the program and it reflects the needs and interests of the students enrolled, students who are seeking a degree with a theological core.

Students graduating with the Master of Theological Studies degree will be able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate increased biblical and theological knowledge
  2. Interpret and apply Scripture more effectively using appropriate hermeneutical principles
  3. Formulate maturing theological convictions based on Scripture, with due notice of their prior historical development
  4. Initiate and maintain a practice of classical spiritual disciplines
  5. Develop a Great Commission perspective that finds expression in evangelism, missions, and commitment to local church ministry.

Ames Extension Course Catalog

  • BS2210 Old Testament Survey I
  • BS2211 Old Testament Survey II
  • BS2310 New Testament Survey I
  • BS2311 New Testament Survey II
  • BS2400 Introduction to Hermeneutics
  • CE8345 Bib Lead. & Admin for the Church
  • HT3101 History of Christianity II
  • HT3200 Theology I
  • HT3201 Theology II
  • HT3300 Introduction to Apologetics
  • HT3400 Christian Ethics
  • MN5065 Church Evangelism/Discipleship Practicum
  • MN5161 Preaching I: Sermon Preparation Practicum
  • MN5468 Leadership Practicum OR HT3246 Theological Formation Leadership Practicum
  • MS7011 Missiology