PhD, Biblical Studies

Midwestern offers a PhD in Biblical Studies with a variety of concentration options. This program is intended primarily to equip persons for vocations of teaching and research in theological schools, colleges, and universities or for the scholarly enhancement of ministerial practice. Applications for admission are considered year round and do not require MAT or GRE test scores. A ministry essay containing conversion, understanding of Christian ministry, Christian service, life goals, and discussion of how a doctoral degree will help achieve life goals is requested instead of an academic research sample.

The PhD program at Midwestern shares a common doctoral foundation with the other programs. Similar to the Doctor of Ministry program, the PhD program uses week-long seminars as the basic instructional format. Students will interact with professors during all aspects of these courses, including the pre-work, on-campus and post-campus periods of study. Students seeking to finish the program in four years will need to calendar 4 seminars per year. One only seminar per term is required to maintain full time status. Seminars may be taken in any order with the exception of DR30020 (first) and DR30090 (last). Scheduling and enrollment is discussed in detail during DR30020 Doctoral Studies Colloquium.



Course List

Doctoral Core (16 hrs)

  • DR00000 Doctoral Orientation (0 hrs)
  • DR30020 Doctoral Studies Colloquium (4 hrs)
  • DR35090 Advanced Biblical Hermeneutics or DR30060 Integrating Christian Faith & Practice (4 hrs)
  • DR34080 Teaching Principles and Methods in Higher Education (4 hrs)
  • DR30090 Dissertation Seminar (4 hrs)

Biblical Studies (Ph.D.)

  • DR35110 Adv. Hebrew Grammar or DR35150 Adv. Greek Grammar (4 hrs)

Either: Three seminars from the OT emphasis, two seminars from NT emphasis or two seminars from the OT emphasis, three seminars from NT emphasis (20 hrs)

All Concentrations Include:

  • DR39090 Comprehensive Examination (4 hrs)
  • DR40991 Dissertation (8 hrs)

Total Credit Hours (52 hrs)


Old Testament Emphasis

DR35110 Advanced Hebrew Grammar (4 hrs)
DR35510 Pentateuch (4 hrs)
DR35520 Historical Books (4 hrs)
DR35530 Prophetic Books (4 hrs)
DR35540 Poetic & Wisdom Books (4 hrs)
Select One: DR35115, DR36250, DR37350, or DR38450 (4 hrs)

New Testament Emphasis

DR35150 Advanced Greek Grammar (4 hrs)
DR35610 Synoptic Gospels and Acts (4 hrs)
DR35620 Johannine Literature (4 hrs)
DR35630 Pauline Epistles (4 hrs)
DR35640 General Epistles (4 hrs)
Select One: DR25155, DR36260, DR37360, or DR38460 (4 hrs)

Theology Emphasis

DR37305 Theology and Culture (4 hrs)
DR37337 Ecclesiology (4 hrs)
DR37350 Old Testament Theology (4 hrs)
DR37360 New Testament Theology (4 hrs)
DR37395 Advanced Systematic Theology (4 hrs)
Select one elective from the area of Ethics, Historical Theology, New Testament, Old Testament, or Apologetics (4 hours)

Apologetics Emphasis

DR33330 Missiology (4 hrs)
DR37001 Science and Origins (4hrs)
DR37002 World Religions (4hrs)
DR37360 New Testament Theology (4hrs), or DR37350 Old Testament Theology (4hrs)
DR37391 Philosophical Theology (4hrs)
DR38405 Worldview and Ethical Theory (4hrs)

Ethics Emphasis

DR38301 Ethics (4 hrs)
DR38405 Worldview and Ethical Theology (4hrs)
DR38440 Contemporary Issues in Ethics (4hrs)
DR38441 Marriage and Sexuality (4hrs)
DR38442 Bioethics (4hrs)
Select one elective from DR37305, DR37350, DR37360, DR37370, DR37375, DR37380, DR37385, DR37390 (4 hrs)

Preaching Emphasis

DR36220 Preaching & Ministry Practice (4 hrs)
DR36250 Preaching from the Old Testament (4 hrs)
DR36260 Preaching from the New Testament (4 hrs)
DR36271 Expository Preaching (4 hrs)
DR36272 Style & Application in Expository Preaching (4 hrs)
DR36273 Doctrinal & Topical Exposition (4 hrs)

Missiology Emphasis

DR33330 Missiology (4 hrs)
DR37305 Theology and Culture (4 hrs)
DR37337 Ecclesiology (4 hrs)
DR38405 Worldview and Ethical Theory (4 hrs)
Select two electives from Church Planting/Mission/Revitalization (8 hrs)

Ministry Emphasis

DR31280 The Bible and Pastoral Care (4 hrs)
DR36220 Preaching and Ministry Practice (4 hrs)
DR37305 Theology and Culture (4 hrs)
DR37337 Ecclesiology (4 hrs)
Select two electives from Ministry/Leadership/ Pastoral or Preaching (8 hrs)

Historical Theology Emphasis

DR37305 Theology and Culture (4 hrs)
DR37337 Ecclesiology (4 hrs)
DR37370 The Early Church (4 hrs)
DR37375 The Reformation (4 hrs)
DR37380 The Modern Era (4 hrs)
DR37385 The Baptist Tradition (4 hrs)