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Students completing the basic 45 hour MTS degree at Midwestern have several options to “fast-track” into their doctoral studies.

  • DEdMin: Graduates will need an additional 8-9 hours in Christian Education courses. (Total degree plus leveling 52 hours, minimum)
  • PhD in Biblical Studies: Graduates will need a minimum of 6 hours of Greek, 6 hours of Hebrew, plus a modern research language. Please see the Language FAQ for more information.
  • DMin: Students will need an additional 27 hours, plus show evidence of at least three years ministerial experience. (Total degree, plus leveling, 72 hours, minimum),

What is the minimum GPA? All doctoral programs generally require a 3.0 or higher graduate GPA.

How can I obtain leveling classes? Required leveling course can be taken online, on-campus or by independent study at any accredited institution.

Can I start my doctoral courses while working on my leveling requirements? If you are within 12 hours of meeting all leveling requirements, you may be admitted on conditional status, and begin taking seminars. Leveling or language requirements must be completed before the dissertation phase begins.

DMin/DEdMin To PhD in Biblical Studies

The PhD in Biblical Studies, Biblical Ministry emphasis is designed to provide the maximum flexibility for those holding an accredited DMin degree. Transfer hours will be reviewed by the doctoral office.

Students with concentrations such as the DMin in Expository Preaching will find the PhD, Biblical Studies emphasis in Biblical Preaching, an appropriate degree for continued study.