Midwestern & Spurgeon College Evangelistic Teams


Spring 2020


# Day/Time Team Name Leader* Phone Number Gathering Point
1 Mon, 6 pm International Outreach Joseph Williams
David Hackney
Call for location
2 Tues, 9:30 am Tower View Baptist Church Darin Smith 816-694-7520 Tower View Baptist Church
3 Tues, 4 pm Bethany Baptist Church Dr. Johnston 816-721-7074 Welcome Center
4 Wed, 11 am Downtown Evangelism Dr. Johnston 816-721-7074 Welcome Center
5 Thurs, 3 pm Central Baptist Church Samuel Nelson 816-446-4614 Call for location
6 Fri, 11:45 am Community College Tyler Sykora 816-536-1379 President’s Office
7 Sat, 10 am Traveling EV Team Dr. Johnston 816-721-7074 Mathena Center
8 Sat, 10 am Overland Park Bob Good 816-982-0389 Bob’s house


*Daylight Savings Time change is on March 8, 2020, some teams will change their schedule after DST.

*Please be sure to call the leader prior to planning to go out on an outreach so that they can look for you at the meeting place.

*To partner with us if you have a team going out in evangelism, for information on how to start a team, or to schedule the Travelling EV Team, please click here.

Telephone/Chat Board Evangelism

Will Steinbeck is our NAMB-ERC (Evangelism Resource Center) liaison. He is available for ERC telephone and chat room training. To schedule him for evangelism training, please contact him at asteinbeck@mbts.edu.

Upcoming 2020 Evangelism Trips!

New Orleans Evangelism Trip (Evangelism Practicum): Feb. 20-23, 2020

Crossover Orlando Evangelism Class (3 hrs credit): May 31- June 6, 2020

For more information check out www.mbts.edu/evangelism or contact Taylor DiRoberto at TDiRoberto@mbts.edu.


Dr. Tom Johnston founded the Midwestern Evangelistic Teams (MET) at Midwestern in the fall of 2001 as the practical arm of his evangelism classes. Dr. Johnston, associate professor of evangelism, gathered students every Saturday morning to share the Gospel through door-to-door evangelism in partnership with local churches.

As a vision for evangelism was caught by students, it became necessary to have outreaches at other times of the week. Meanwhile, the Lord raised up leaders to direct weekly teams. By 2011, we totaled 63 MET Team leaders who have led a total of 1143 outreaches – about 103 outreaches a year for the last eleven years! Many thousands of people have heard the Gospel, and so far there have been reported 659 first-time decisions for Christ! There are sometimes as many as 11 METs going out every week, five of those being weekly outreaches with local churches. Through the METs, students have partnered with 65 local churches in the metro Kansas City area!

It is exciting to experience MBTS and Missouri Baptist College students leading evangelism teams engaged in initiative evangelism. Each MET averages between four to five students and is involved in street evangelism, door-to-door evangelism, and street preaching. Hundreds of Midwestern students have gone out evangelizing, and more than 35,000 gospel tracts have been given out on the streets of Kansas City.