Local Food Pantry Guide

Many of you will remember that we have occasionally partnered with local churches to provide a small Food Pantry for our students. Over the last two years our team has been in conversation with other food pantries in the Northland about the possibility of them beginning to serve our students at their facility. We began this conversation out of the conviction that the funds spent on the Food Pantry regularly prevents us from assisting students with the most urgent needs. In addition to bringing maximum support to the most urgent cases, we were convinced that this transition would also enhance the food pantry experience to our students. Unlike our food pantry, local food pantries are consistently stocked, regularly open, and managed by trained professionals that are eager to support our students.

Therefore, beginning next month, we will begin outsourcing our Food Pantry to other local partners. The Food Pantry will be open this Thursday, however, to empty the remaining inventory.

While we’re excited about this transition, we’re aware that the closure of Food Pantry may initially inconvenience some of you. If that is the case, please do not hesitate to reach out to Student Life (studentlife@mbts.edu), or your Resident Advisor for assistance. We would love to help direct you to local food pantries and answer any questions you have. We are also eager to know of any emergency needs you have while studying at Midwestern and Spurgeon College.

Download Local Food Pantry Guide