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Legacy Council

Members of the Legacy Council come from all walks of life and are united by a desire to support our students as they prepare for a lifetime of ministry. Specifically, members of the Legacy Council commit to investing their time and resources to help support our students through Midwestern’s Legacy Fund. Gifts given to the Legacy Fund make a direct impact on every student and in a very real way, these unrestricted gifts defer the rising costs of tuition allowing our students to be deployed to do ministry without crippling debt.

Members of Midwestern’s Legacy Council commit to contribute to Midwestern in four key areas:


Members pray regularly that:

  • Students would persevere in their studies and that God would meet their financial needs;
  • Faculty would joyfully serve our students through preparation, teaching, writing, and mentoring and that God would meet their financial needs;
  • Staff would joyfully serve our students and that God would meet their financial needs;
  • God would work through our graduates to bring the gospel to all nations;


Members share the Midwestern story with:

  • Christians in their circle of influence and invite them to partner with Midwestern through their prayers, gifts, and service in the Legacy Council.


Members help us send out hundreds of well-trained graduates by:

  • Giving generously to support the work of training students to be launched as laborers in the harvest field ($1,000+/year).


Members gather on campus every October to:

  • Fellowship and celebrate the progress of the gospel through Midwestern;
  • Enjoy a banquet with President Allen, faculty, students, and friends of the seminary;
  • Learn of new initiatives and opportunities at Midwestern.

Join the Legacy Council

If you are interested in joining Midwestern’s Legacy Council, simply submit the application below and a representative from Midwestern will respond. If you have any additional questions, contact Midwestern’s Office of Institutional Advancement at 816-414-3720 or advancement@mbts.edu.