We Exist for the Church

We serve the church by biblically educating God-called men and women to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ

We are unashamed about our sacred calling to prepare men and women to serve the church. We are looking for students who will be the next leaders of the church, completely dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission. From start to finish, Midwestern Seminary strives to transform students by renewing their minds with biblical truth, igniting their hearts with ministry passion, and enriching their souls with deepened Christ-likeness.

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God has called me to...

At MBTS, we labor to produce pastor-theologians, graduates who will give of themselves for the Church in expository preaching, doctrinal integrity, and discerning pastoral care. Our 81-hour MDiv is a quick and affordable track towards pastoral ministry.

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We are committed to seeing Christ’s Church represented among every tribe. As such, MBTS labors to instill a passion for the nations in our students, and we endeavor to send many of our graduates into the frontier mission field.

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MBTS is committed to see God glorified through the growth of the local church. As such, we labor to train up and send out pastor-theologians who are fully equipped to plant faithful church-planting churches.

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At MBTS, we desire to equip men and women who will spend their lives to serve the Church in a number of her needs. As such, we endeavor to equip individuals who feel called and gifted in counseling with the tools necessary to practice these skills.

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Many individuals long to serve the Church through biblical and theological instruction, yet do not feel called to pastoral ministry. MBTS recognizes the need for such scholars who are trained to communicate winsomely and effectively, and thus we offer degrees for students on this path.

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Our mission to exist for the Church extends to all kinds of ministries, both in the church and out of the church. We equip worship pastors with biblical and theological literacy along with musical excellence. We equip student and family pastors to address current issues facing the family. And we equip all of our students to take the gospel into any context, no matter the difficulties and no matter the sacrifice.

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The mission of MBTS to exist for the church is as all-encompassing as it sounds. We are committed to serving the Church not only by producing leaders, but also by directly ministering to the members who faithfully serve as laypeople. Students who range from aspiring pastor-theologians to students who simply desire to dig deeper in God’s Word for personal spiritual benefit are welcome to study at MBTS.

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Life on Campus

Belong to a community: live on campus.

What better way to enhance your seminary experience than to make neighbors out of classmates? We have housing options for students in all walks of life. housing ›

Life on campus image
Life on campus image

Discipleship: more than just an education.

More than mere sages on stages, our faculty are committed to mentoring their students and seeing them flourish in all of life. schedule a visit ›

Friendships are invaluable. Make them count

Your experience in seminary is only as good as the friends you keep. At Midwestern, we do everything possible to set the atmosphere for godly, lifelong friendships to blossom.campus events ›

Living on the campus of Midwestern Seminary,

located so close to beautiful downtown Kansas City, has given me both a great community and numerous opportunities to be engaged and serve in this city."Sonia Blank, Alumna

Our Mission

We are fulfilling our founding mission to reach westward to the frontier states as well as globally to unreached nations and peoples around the world.

This task is accomplished through biblically training men and women to joyfully respond to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Midwestern Seminary provides the theologically-rich education and the gospel-centered formation necessary for Christian ministry in our rapidly-changing world.

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Why Kansas City?

Every student asks this question, and you should too. While we have one of the best online programs in the world, we still think you should consider studying on campus.

The classroom is only the beginning of your training. The most important part of your education is not what you learn, but who you become as you learn it. This kind of formation happens best in the context of relationships – with instructors and with fellow students. As you sit next to someone in class, eat with them in the café, and share an apartment building with their family, you grow in Christ-likeness in ways that you would have never guessed. The friendships, mentors, and church experience that you gain in seminary will stay with you for the rest of your ministry. Making the Case for Life on Campus ›

Attending Midwestern

We’ve worked hard to make Midwestern one of the most affordable seminary educations in the nation.

When it comes to cost, Midwestern strikes a balance between quality and affordability. Our tuition rates are consistently among the lowest of all Southern Baptist colleges, seminaries, and divinity programs. Additionally, because of the faithful sacrifices of Southern Baptist churches, any student who is a member of a Southern Baptist church is able to cut their tuition costs in half.

Average seminary cost per credit hour (CPCH): $450*

Midwestern, Non-SBC Baptist CPCH: $400

Midwestern SBC CPCH: $300

* SeminaryComparison.com

Financial Aid Information

Every student wonders how they will pay for a master’s degree. At Midwestern, we help answer this question. We offer numerous scholarships to our students, and we are the only Southern Baptist seminary to offer federal financial aid. Because there are so many resources at your disposal – from scholarships and payment plans to private grants and federal student aid – we believe you can earn an education here without breaking the bank.

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Applying to Midwestern

The first step to becoming a student is to apply for admission! Upon completion of your application, we will ask for a pastor/church recommendation, personal recommendation, and all transcripts from previous coursework. Of course, if you forget what you need to do, don’t worry; your admissions counselor will be in touch with you along the way, filling you in on the next steps.Apply Today

Application Checklist

Have you finished all of the steps of the application process?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Admissions Counselor at admissions@mbts.edu or (816) 414-3733

Once you have been admitted, the hardest part is done! The admissions team will help you make sure that you are fully prepared for the first week of class, but in the meantime, here's what you can focus on:

1. Register for Classes

Student Accounts - Have you received an email with your login credentials to the following student accounts? (For help, contact IT at helpdesk@mbts.edu)

Class Signup - Have you registered for classes? (For help, contact your Admissions Counselor at admissions@mbts.edu or (816) 414-3733. For advising questions, contact the Registrar’s office at registrar@mbts.edu or (816) 414-3719)

2. Pay for Classes

Financial Aid - Do you know how you will pay for your classes? (For help, contact Financial Services at finance@mbts.edu or (816) 414-3716)

  • Reviewed our scholarships and applied for those that you qualify for?

  • Completed your FAFSA, so you can receive federal loans/grants?

  • Received and returned your signed award package?

  • Completed your master promissory note?

  • Finished loan counseling?

Tuition Payments - Have you set up payment for your classes? You have multiple options:

  1. Pay in full by mailing a check to 5001 N. Oak Trafficway, Attn: Financial Services, Kansas City, MO 64118

  2. Pay in full by paying through the Nelnet payments page (Nelnet charges a 2% convenience fee on your total bill)

  3. Set up a monthly payment plan through the Nelnet payments page

  4. Process your financial aid award through your student portal account

3. Settle into Campus

Student Housing - Have you finished the process for on-campus housing? (For help, contact Housing at residentialhousing@mbts.edu or (816) 414 - 3817)

  • Submitted your housing application?

  • Paid your deposit? ($100 for single students, $250 for families)

  • Received a housing placement?

  • Returned your housing contract?

  • Received move-in information?

  • If you are in single housing, have you requested a roommate?

Welcome Week - Are you ready to move to campus?

  • Have you made plans and registered to attend New Student Orientation?

  • If you’re a college student: Have you prepared for move-in day?

Security - Are you ready to navigate around campus?

  • Have your student ID?

  • Registered your vehicle? Registered your bicycle?

Matriculation - Have you completed the matriculation process through the student portal? The matriculation process ensures that you have completed everything you need to begin classes. This step-by-step process typically only takes 15 minutes to complete

Transfer Students

We love transfer students! If you have already completed parts of your degree, submit your application and transcripts to our admissions office to see what credits transfer. Our admissions team will be happy to help you estimate what credits will transfer to Midwestern.

International Students

THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES OFFICE serves Midwestern’s international students by providing information and services that support their successful educational experience and spiritual growth. We are committed to delivering culturally-sensitive services that inform, advise, provide outreach, and deliver relevant programming, all of which enhances their experience in a Christian community while living away from home.

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