Certificate of Worship Ministries

This unique and specialized Certificate in Worship Ministries (CWM) is designed to serve and equip several types of ministry leaders in context of the local church: 1) bi-vocational worship leaders, 2) lay leaders in worship ministry, 3) current ministry students in any degree program who desire to add this mini-core of classes and certification in efforts to also be trained in the area of worship and music, or 4) current pastors who desire deeper study in the area of worship or who want to better understand their own role as a biblical worship leader and/or better support his own church’s worship ministry and leader. This certification is uniquely framed to encourage and supply such persons with a overview of the biblical theology and ministerial philosophy of worship along with basic practical music and administrative concepts. Whether this certificate is your only formalized study in worship ministry, or whether it will be tacked on to a previously earned seminary degree or one presently being earned, the CWM is a great way to expand your biblical and ministerial understanding of an effective, Christ-centered worship ministry. There are no competency music tests required for entering this course of study.

Students earning the CWM will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a basic biblical and historical framework upon which to form a theology of worship and philosophy of ministry practice.
  2. Demonstrate the basic leadership, communication, and ministerial skills with which to humbly serve, minister and relate to the staff, congregation, and worship ministry participants—especially communicating a clear vision for the worship ministry, itself.
  3. Demonstrate a basic understanding of local church worship ministry that transcends church size, musical style, and various worship ministry trends—learning to utilize a gospel filter with which to carry out and implement all worship ministry ideas and endeavors.
  4. Demonstrate either a basic understanding of fundamental musical leadership skills used in corporate worship, or of the necessary technologies used to prepare and carry-out corporate worship—or both (depending on class choice).

Credit Hours

12 total hours


Biblical Foundations of Worship (3)
Survey of Christian Worship and Congregational Song (3)

Students may choose any two out of the three course offerings listed below:
Worship Technology (3)
Worship Ministry Administration (3)
Corporate Worship Leadership (3)