CROSS21 Conference Course

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Whether you live in Kansas City or some other part of the United States, if you plan to attend the CROSS21 Conference in Louisville, KY, December 30, 2020 – January 2, 2021, you can receive credit by enrolling in a Midwestern or Spurgeon College course. For more information, contact Taylor DiRoberto,


If you are not currently a student at Midwestern Seminary or Spurgeon College but would like to take the class, please complete an online application for Winter/Spring 2021 and inform the Admissions team that you would like to register for the CROSS21 conference course.

The admissions team will then give you instructions for enrolling after you submit the application. If, upon completion of the class, you would like to enroll in more courses at Midwestern or Spurgeon College, you will need to complete the admissions process and become an accepted student.

Apply for Winter/Spring 2021

Course Details

Leadership Practicum

An opportunity to develop fundamental understanding and skill in Christian Leadership for a local church or ministry setting.

MN 5468 Leadership Practicum
MN 5475 Personal Leadership Practicum

MN 231 Personal Leadership Practicum

Students must attend the CROSS21 conference.
Dec. 30, 2020 – Jan. 2, 2021 in Louisville, KY.
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Payment Information: Students must pay normal conference registration costs and class tuition. Registration and payment for one does not exclude registration and payment for the other.