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Allen’s Latest Book, an updated edition of Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students, released by B&H Publishers

Posted June 1, 2023 by Brett Fredenberg

KANSAS CITY, Mo—Midwestern Seminary celebrated today the release of President Jason K. Allen’s latest book, an updated edition of Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students, published by B&H Publishers.

This deluxe edition of Lectures to My Students includes an introduction from Allen, lightly edited material for readability, and updated design aspects.

Commenting on the release, Allen said, “I’m so grateful to partner with B&H Publishers and release this new, impressive, updated edition of Lectures to My Students. It’s a timeless classic that is timely indeed when we look at the challenges facing this generation of gospel ministers. I am thrilled by this new release and hope you’ll secure your copy and be edified by the ministry of Charles Spurgeon.”

Charles Spurgeon founded The Pastors’ College in London in 1856 when he was twenty-two years of age. He supervised and graduated over 900 men from The Pastors’ College, lecturing once a week. Lectures to My Students is a collection of those lectures given by Spurgeon to students at the college.

Through his teaching at The Pastors’ College, his church, and his ministry more broadly, Spurgeon remains a model for faithful gospel ministry.

Allen spoke to Spurgeon’s example as well, stating, “In the pantheon of great preachers in church history, Charles Haddon Spurgeon certainly ranks within it. When you narrow the focus to the greatest speakers of the English-speaking world, Charles Haddon Spurgeon might be at the very top.”

He went on to say, “What is more though, when you consider the expanse of his ministry beyond the Metropolitan Tabernacle to all the different aspects of it, you find at the very heart of it a commitment to the gospel, to the Word of God, to the local church, and to training ministers for the local church.”

As home to the Spurgeon Library, which houses nearly 6,000 volumes from Charles Spurgeon’s personal library and serves as the premier center for Spurgeon scholarship, Midwestern Seminary shares Spurgeon’s conviction of training ministry leaders for the Church.

In his introduction, Allen explains his own call to ministry and how Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students was a formative influence for him.

He said, “Though Lectures to My Students proved indispensable for me at that critical juncture in my life, it’s remained a go-to guide for me, and I find myself returning to it again and again. It’s been the same for generations of ministers since its first publishing, and I believe it will prove the same for you.”

“In this volume, you’ll find a treasure trove of ministry insight and wisdom. Spurgeon has mined the depths of Scripture, plundered the lessons of church history, and brought to bear his own vast ministry experience to make this one volume essential reading for every gospel minister. It’s full of biblical truth, theological reflection, and practical instruction. To not read it is to go into spiritual battle, as a minister, insufficiently armed.” *

In Spurgeon’s own introduction to the book, he writes of the weight of responsibility within gospel ministry. The ministry requires a leader’s full attention and commitment, he says, because it deals with matters of life and death. Within the book itself, Spurgeon writes on topics such as The Call to Ministry, On The Voice, The Holy Spirit in Connection With Our Ministry, Earnestness, and more.

The updated edition of Charles Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students is now available for purchase.

To read an excerpt of the book, visit

*Selections are included from Allen’s introduction to the updated edition of Charles Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students (B&H Publishers, 2023).

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