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Student Spotlight: How MBTS Global Campus equips student to continue ministry in gospel-parched New England

Posted November 18, 2022 by Brett Fredenberg

Midwestern Seminary recently launched the Global Campus, its newly designed online program for God-called men and women serving in unique kingdom assignments precluding them from pursuing residential studies. Wherever students are called, they can now complete any of Midwestern Seminary’s degree programs however they can.

Midwestern Seminary is dedicating this week to highlighting the mission and stories of the Global Campus and its impact on the Church.

Today, we want to introduce you to another one of our Global Campus students, Wesley Hebert.

Wes is pursuing his Master of Divinity in Biblical Languages at Midwestern Seminary and serves as a pastoral resident at Valley Bible Church in White River Junction, VT. The Global Campus has helped Wes pursue theological education without leaving his local church ministry in the gospel-parched northern New England. He recently joined us to answer a few questions about his experience as a Global Campus student.

1. What is your favorite part of being a Global Campus student? 

“For The Church” is far more than a motto for me. I love the church that I serve in Vermont deeply. When I started to feel the call and aspiration to preach, it was the ministry of my pastor and the church that refined and confirmed my call. As a Global Campus student, I can continue volunteering at Valley Bible Church by leading our high school ministry, serving in our music ministry, and pouring into the church that has continued to pour into me and my family. Not only that, but I’m able to supplement my seminary studies with additional training in preaching and teaching through our new Pastoral Residency and Simeon Trust Workshops on Biblical Exposition. All these tools have helped me grow as a Christian, husband, father, and preacher.

2. Why did you choose to study at Midwestern’s Global Campus?

When I started to feel the aspiration to pursue ministry, the first step I took was to ask my pastor “What do I do now?” He urged me to consider seminary and to prioritize programs that would give me the tools to study the biblical text. When I started to look for programs, I was drawn to Midwestern Seminary because they offered an online Master of Divinity with a Biblical Languages emphasis that included two full years of both Greek and Hebrew. Many programs I had been looking at would only offer one or two semesters of each, so the prospect of four semesters of each excited me!

3. How has the Global Campus further equipped you for your current ministry setting?

My deepest aspiration in ministry is to preach the good news of Christ’s kingdom where it is needed. Ever since I moved back to northern New England, I have noticed that, while there is a great need in northern New England for faithful preaching, God is raising up men to preach His Word here in the northeast. To be able to continue serving in my current ministry setting while also growing as a student of the Scriptures has been an experience that cannot be overstated. Learning to handle the scriptures in their original languages and then to apply the fruits of my labor in study is something for which I am deeply grateful to Midwestern Seminary’s Global Campus.

4. At the Global Campus, students can study where they are, how they can, fully connected. Which of these values have you resonated with the most during your time in the Global Campus?

One of my greatest worries when I was getting ready to start my seminary studies was feeling disconnected as a student. During my own undergraduate studies and the beginning of my graduate research (I have degrees in Biochemistry and Mathematics and was working on starting my Ph.D. in Microbiology before I started seminary), I was always a student that enjoyed academic collaboration and interaction. I was worried that as an online student I would only be a ‘faux seminarian.’ However, this was not the case with Midwestern’s Global Campus.

I can think of a meaningful interaction with a professor in nearly every course that I have taken through the Global Campus. However, one of the unforeseen blessings of my Global Campus has come in the form of a small group of fellow students whom I am fortunate enough to call brothers now. What started as a virtual book group studying Matthew Barrett’s Canon, Covenant, and Christology has turned into a group of three friends who would have never met outside of the Global Campus that are now praying for, encouraging, and challenging one another.

To hear more about Wes’ experience, watch the video below. To hear more student stories like Wes’ in the Global Campus, visit here.

Wes Hebert from Midwestern Seminary on Vimeo.

To celebrate the Global Campus, students who apply with code GLOBALCAMPUS by November 18th will receive a free exclusive MBTS hat. Learn more about Global Campus and this application giveaway here.

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