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Why Kansas City Continues To Grow in Popularity

Posted June 27, 2022 by Brett Fredenberg

Kansas City, Missouri, the home to Midwestern Seminary, was recently named the #1 city in the world to travel to and work remotely. As the new report signifies, along with several other recent rankings, Kansas City remains one of the best cities to live and study.

Citing a recent study by Icelandair, CNBC reporter Jennifer Liu stated, “Kansas City, Missouri, was named the best city in the world to work during the day and explore after hours without having to use too much of you PTO time.”

“Tourist attractions aside, the Icelandair ranking considers metrics that paint a picture of each city’s quality of life (like cost of living, safety, health-care access), how easy it is to work there (internet speed, average working hours, commute time), environmental factors (climate index, noise and light pollution, air quality) and data from the United Nations’ World Happiness Report.” (Read the full article here).

ThinkKC highlights several other national rankings for the city, noting Kansas City in the top 5 for first-time home buyers, top 3 for cities to visit, eighth best job market, and one of the happiest cities in America, amongst several other noteworthy ratings.

Additionally, Kansas City continues to climb the charts of the best places to live within the United States. According to reports completed by the U.S. News and World Report, the city moved up six spots since last year.

Tonya Goth Simmons reported, “As more young people flock to Kansas City for its desirable cost of living and optimal job market, the area has fostered the growth of a creative community. Throughout the area, independent boutiques and coffee shops have sprung up, and walls of buildings are decorated by colorful murals.”

Midwestern Seminary Senior Vice President of Institutional Relations Charles Smith commented on the recent rankings, “I’m not surprised to see Kansas City at the top of these lists. As one of America’s great cities, Kansas City has something to offer everyone. The beautiful landscapes, award winning food, and world-class teams make it a wonderful place to live. We are truly blessed to call Kansas City home.”

Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College students have long enjoyed Kansas City as one of the nation’s best kept secrets. A growing institution located near the heart of a bustling city, Midwestern Seminary offers students a number of possibilities to make a lasting impact for the church and for the kingdom.

As Kansas City continues to be a place of growth, the Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College community continues to prioritize community engagement for the glory of God and the good of the city through evangelistic teams, church planting efforts, and much more.

The North American Mission Board, the national church planting arm of the SBC, categorizes Kansas City as a Send City. The Send Network prioritizes church planting efforts in key cities within the United States, such as Kansas City, on the basis of population, lostness, diversity, and influence.

As they state, “Kansas City needs Jesus. Only 20.1 percent of residents in the metro area claim to be evangelical, less than half the percentage in some southern states. Southern Baptists have been on the Missouri side of Kansas City since the city’s founding shortly before the Civil War. But today the metro area has only one Southern Baptist church for every 7,587 residents.”[1]

The seminary’s location near the city’s center also allows students to enjoy the benefits of city life while maintaining their own unique campus space. On Midwestern Seminary’s campus, students can enjoy all the benefits of a big city living with a small-town feel.

Kansas City helps make Midwestern Seminary a top option for prospective students considering bachelors, masters, or doctoral studies.

Students can move on-campus knowing they’ll have all the amenities they desire, while also being given opportunities to enjoy the city’s benefits with their peers and classmates. Doctoral students considering modular classes at Midwestern Seminary can have confidence that their time in Kansas City will be optimized for their studies.

Kansas City is the place to be. See more recommendations from our very own on the very best in the city here. Come visit and see for yourself!

Schedule a tour of our campus, enjoy coffee with a professor, engage with current students, and taste the best BBQ in the world. We promise, after you experience the best of the city and take in Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College, you will not be disappointed.

If you’d like to schedule a campus visit, click here. If you’d like to be updated on our upcoming Preview Days, click here. We hope to see you soon!

[1] https://www.namb.net/send-network/send-city/kansas-city/

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