President Jason Allen Expresses Gratitude to Messengers for Their Support During Seminary Report

Posted June 15, 2022 by Lucas Hahn

During the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, Midwestern Seminary President Jason Allen delivered a message of gratitude and thankfulness to the Lord for his kindness and to the messengers for their strong support of Midwestern Seminary.

Reflecting on God’s faithfulness to the seminary over the past decade, Allen shared that Midwestern Seminary has continued to experience record enrollment growth due to our “For the Church” vision and the support of our convention of churches.

Allen stated, “I am delighted to share that as we close this academic year, our total enrollment will finish right around 5000 students, a significant increase from the enrollment of approximately 1,000 I inherited when I became president. I believe our continued growth is a testament to the belief you all have in your seminary in Kansas City.”

He continued, “Our enrollment includes students from all 50 states and over 60 countries including Belarus, China, Colombia, Cuba, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, North Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.”

In addition to the seminary’s enrollment growth, Allen commented on the institution’s commitment to our vision and doctrinal fidelity.

“Midwestern Seminary exists ‘for the church,’ and specifically, for the churches of our convention. Most seminaries in North America do not know why they exist. We, however, are countercultural, we know why we exist and that is for the local church.”

“I believe that from day one, we have been absolutely clear who we are theologically. We happily, wholeheartedly, and convictionally are a Southern Baptist institution. We cheerfully champion the beliefs of Southern Baptists as we advocate for and teach in accordance with the Baptist Faith & Message 2000.”

After recognizing God’s kindness in the continued growth and doctrinally fidelity of Midwestern Seminary, Allen concluded his address by thanking messengers “for embracing and supporting our institutional mission.”

“Within all of the global work we are called to do, know that we do all this work on your behalf, and it all emanates from Kansas City.”

The report concluded with a video highlighting the many wonderful things the Lord is doing in Kansas City. From the completion of the Mathena Student Center to the beginning of the For the Church Institute, the video summarized the Lord’s work in and through Midwestern Seminary. You may view the video here.

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