Midwestern Journal of Theology’s Spring Edition Released

Posted May 13, 2022 by Brett Fredenberg

Midwestern Seminary released its Spring 2022 issue of the Midwestern Journal of Theology on May 11, featuring works by several of the school’s faculty as well as academics from across American evangelicalism.

The spring edition addresses theological topics ranging from the ethical implications of puberty-suppressing drugs, pastoral insights into expository preaching, an analysis of church-wide evangelism strategies, and the importance of the situational context to biblical interpretation.

Midwestern Seminary President Jason Allen said of the Journal’s newest edition, “I trust readers of this MJT edition will be edified and academically challenged. Each of these essays are well researched and worth engagement by the broader evangelical community. Once again, I am grateful for our editor, Dr. Michael McMullen, who has done a great job of assembling another quality journal.”

In the Journal’s opening remarks, Midwestern Seminary Professor of Church History and Editor of the Midwestern Journal of Theology Michael McMullen stated, “I would like to express my sincere thanks to all who have contributed to make this edition happen. Special mention goes to Dr. Jason Duesing, Provost and Academic Editor, for all his invaluable assistance; to Dr. Blake Hearson for all the time and energy he invests in each issue; and to Mrs. Lynae Duarte, for all that she so patiently and efficiently does in the background.”

He went on to say, “We are again blessed to publish a rich and varied assortment of articles for this issue, and I am always grateful for the many who submit articles.”

The Midwestern Journal of Theology begins with the timely and challenging 2021 Faculty Address given by Midwestern Seminary Professor of Ethics Alan Branch, titled, ‘A Christian Ethical Critique of Puberty-Suppressing Drugs.’ In his address, Branch offers an expert analysis of a growing cultural phenomenon and gives Christians a biblical path forward.

Following this essay, Peter Carpentier of Grand Canyon Theological Seminary offers a helpful reminder for pastoral ministry. His essay, ‘Faithful Flexibility,’ explains how faithful sermon preparation can help make a minor point of a text the major point of a message, without missing the main point of the text.

Elmer Towns, the co-founder of Liberty University, then contributes a personal, analytical reflection on innovating church evangelism. After 50 years of observation and participation at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA, Towns writes a helpful analysis on the ever-changing movement of church growth.

The Journal’s penultimate article, ‘It’s Worse than We Think,’ is from Midwestern Seminary President’s Office Chief of Staff Tyler Sykora. In this article, Sykora uses a particular incident from the Gospels to demonstrate that when it comes to the task of biblical interpretation, the better one understands the situational context of a given book, pericope, or word, the more likely one is to arrive at the correct interpretation.

The final submission, ‘No Other Name,’ argues that while the historical background of speeches in the book of Acts has been thoroughly considered, there has been a corresponding lack of attention given to actual preaching. In this article, Midwestern Seminary Assistant Professor of Preaching and Ministry Jared Bumpers seeks to bring a necessary correction by examining the theology of preaching in Acts.

In addition to the scholarly articles, the Journal includes several relevant and thought-provoking book reviews, many of which were written by Midwestern Seminary doctoral students.

Midwestern Seminary’s Journal of Theology is available in print version for subscribers. To subscribe, contact the Academic Office at (816) 414-3745 or LDuarte@mbts.edu.

Additionally, guests may view the issue in its entirety for free on the seminary’s website, mbts.edu/journal.

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