Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College announce fall chapel schedule

Posted August 27, 2021 by Michael S. Brooks

Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College will begin chapel services for the Fall 2021 semester, beginning with a Convocation service on Tuesday, August 30.

The lineup of scheduled speakers includes church leaders, scholars, and pastors from around the country, in addition to members of the seminary and college faculty.

“It is difficult to overstate how important our chapel gatherings are to the life and health of our seminary and college communities,” said Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College president Jason Allen. “As students are training academically, it is of the utmost importance that they attend to their spiritual health as well.

“We emphasize the local church as the primary environment for this kind of spiritual cultivation, yet it is important, in our context, to pause, to worship, and to be intentional about connecting with others in the same season of life. In the throes of busy academic schedules, ministry responsibilities, and family obligations, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings represent, for us, a point at which we can rest under the faithful preaching of God’s Word, fellowship with those around us, and worship the Lord in spirit and truth.”

Allen also expressed eagerness to have guests from outside the seminary among this semester’s lineup of chapel speakers.

“Over the past year and a half, many of the opportunities we typically have to host and hear from guests from outside the seminary community were put on hold,” said Allen. “In this season, we are eager to have leaders from local churches, our sister seminaries, and other SBC entities, on our campus once again.”

The featured speakers for the fall semester include:

  • Nathan Lorick (executive director, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention)
  • Tom Schreiner (professor, New Testament, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • David Manner (executive director, Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists)
  • H.B. Charles (senior pastor, Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Fl.)
  • Robby Gallaty (senior pastor, Longhollow Church, Hendersonville, Tenn.)
  • Grant Castleberry (senior pastor, Capitol Community Church, Raleigh, N.C.)
  • Adam Greenway (president, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • Ronnie Floyd (president and CEO, SBC Executive Committee)
  • Andy Naselli (associate professor of New Testament and systematic theology, Bethlehem College and Seminary)
  • Rolland Slade (senior pastor, Meridian Baptist Church, El Cajon, Cali.)
  • Ben Mandrell (president, Lifeway Christian Resources)

The list of Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College faculty speakers includes Jason Duesing, a panel discussion with Joe and Christy Allen, Radu Gheorgita, Camden Pulliam, Rustin Umstattd, Jared Wilson, Ben Awbrey, and Jeff Dodge.

Chapel services are held in Midwestern Seminary’s Daniel Lee Chapel on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. Services are also live-streamed on the seminary’s Facebook page and the seminary website at www.mbts.edu/live.

To view the full chapel schedule, visit www.mbts.edu/chapel.

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