Spurgeon College to offer a new, expedited “Degree in Three” pathway

Posted February 26, 2021 by Michael S. Brooks

Spurgeon College recently announced the addition of a new, three-year degree-earning pathway for incoming undergraduate students.

The new “Degree in Three” pathway will allow students to earn their undergraduate degree within a community of like-minded individuals in only three years. Students taking part in the three-year track will benefit from significant cost-savings when compared to traditional four-year degree pathways. In addition, the new pathway enables students to move into their chosen field faster. “We are delighted to launch the new ‘Degree in Three’ pathway,” said Jason Allen, president at Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College. “In so doing, we’re hopeful to better serve future Spurgeon College students, and to expedite their paths to the marketplace and to ministry.”

“Spurgeon College exists to train students for Kingdom service,” added Jason Duesing, the institution’s academic provost. “The adoption of this new pathway only helps students deploy in a timelier fashion in order to apply their education for the Kingdom.”

Spurgeon College Dean Sam Bierig added that the new pathway represents a step forward in the fulfillment of the college’s mission. “Spurgeon College continues to make strides in training and equipping students to fulfill their current and ongoing roles as ambassadors for Christ’s Kingdom in the Church, on the mission field, in the marketplace, and at home,” said Bierig.

“With ‘Degree in Three,’ we are thrilled to offer a new way forward that allows students to press on in their calling without many of the cost and time-related hindrances often associated with college education. The pathway represents an efficient option for students without sacrificing the quality of education they will receive.”

Spurgeon’s “Degree in Three” offers students a guaranteed pathway toward completion of select undergraduate degrees in just three years of study with personalized assistance from the college’s academic advising team. Additionally, through the strategic use of condensed semester periods and intensive course options, students are able to maximize their time at Spurgeon College while saving a significant amount in tuition and fees.

The college projects the new three-year option will allow students to save up to $6,500 in estimated savings over the course of a student’s degree program. There are no additional costs or fees associated with the “Degree in Three” option.

“We all know that students and their families are facing a myriad of challenges with the cost of college education steadily increasing year-by-year,” said Assistant Dean Andrew King. “Our new three-year pathway allows for significant savings on the front end and the potential for early income-earning opportunities. More than this, we are excited to see our students deployed for kingdom service even sooner.”

King added the pathway is more than an average degree completion option and sees additional value in its emphasis on learning in community with the full support of the on-campus resources Spurgeon College has to offer.

“‘Degree in Three’ is not for the faint of heart, but we believe it will be a tremendous benefit to each student enrolled. The pathway is for motivated students, ready to declare their intention to participate within their first semester. Along the way, students will profit from access to priority registration periods, connection with peers on the same learning track, and the full scope of academic resources provided by the faculty and leadership at Spurgeon College.”

The three-year bachelor’s degree pathway will be available to incoming students beginning in the Spring ’21 semester. To learn more about the “Degree in Three” pathway, visit www.spurgeoncollege.com/3years.

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