For the Church. For the Pastor.

Posted October 8, 2018 by Staff

October is Pastor Appreciation Month; here at Midwestern, we are for the Church, which means we are for the pastor. They carry a burden largely unseen by many. In season and out of season pastors work tirelessly to tend to the flock that Christ purchased.

It is impossible to capture the glorious struggle of pastoral ministry in a single video. However, we’ve set out to let pastors know that the daunting statistics we so frequently hear don’t have to scare or define them. Here at Midwestern Seminary, we believe in pastors. More importantly, we believe in the God who calls them and the gospel they preach.

So, this October we want to say happy Pastor Appreciation Month to the thousands of pastors serving so faithfully. If you’re not a pastor, join us in taking time to thank the pastors in your life.

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