Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is excited to announce that students can now register online. The following is a list of frequently asked questions about registering online.

Who Can Register Online for FA13 classes?

1. With a few exceptions, current students can register online.

If you registered for classes in the SP13 semester, you’ll be able to register online, UNLESS you’re in one of the categories below.

2. Those who cannot register online are:

  • Students on Academic Probation
  • Doctoral students
  • F-1 Visa students
  • Fusion students
  • CLD students
  • High School Dual-Enrollment students
  • MACCEL students
  • Students with HOLDS on their accounts: If you try to register and a message pops up indicating you have a hold on your account, you’ll need to contact the appropriate office to get your issues resolved:
    • Academic Hold? Contact Registrar’s Office: 816-414-3713
    • Business Hold? Contact Business Office: 816-414-3716

Before You Register Online

1. Take a look at the list of courses being offered this fall.

  • On the Midwestern website, go to Schedules.  Under Fall 2013, click on the link that applies to your degree program for the list of courses offered this Fall.
  • Identify the courses being offered that you need for your degree, and that will fit in with all the other things in your life.

2. Identify classes you still need that are only offered occasionally.

  • Return to Schedules.  Look under the Course Rotations headings.  Click on the link that applies to your degree program.  You’ll see a list of when different courses are offered.  Notice that some courses are only offered in even years; others in odd years.  Some are only offered in Fall semesters, others in Spring semesters only.
  • Find out if a class you still need is offered only once a year or every two years, and notice if it’s being offered this Fall.
  • If a class you need for your degree is only offered in Fall semesters and in odd years, that means if you don’t take it this fall you’ll have to wait 2 more years. Please plan carefully.

Directions for Registering Online for FA13 classes

1. Log into your Student Portal.

  • To get to the Student Portal, go to the Midwestern website. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Student Portal link.
  • Make sure you choose FA13 term when you log in.  (If you forget this, registration just won’t work!)
  • You’ll need your Username and Password to log on.  If you need help recovering one or both, call the MBTS Helpdesk at 816-414-3763 (8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.) or email them at helpdesk@mbts.edu.

2. Open the “How to Register Online For Classes” document.

  • The first page to appear will be Student Portal News.
  • Click on the link entitled “How to Register Online For Classes.”  This will give you instructions on how to complete the registration process online through your Student Portal.
  • You won’t need an advisor’s signature to register for classes.
  • Between now and August 11 you can drop or add classes without any fee or penalty.

What if Online Registration Doesn’t Work Correctly?

1. There may be some glitches.  Be patient; we’ll make it work.

Realize this is the first time we’ve done this.  As with any rollout of new software, things may not work exactly the way they’re supposed to.  We apologize in advance.  We’re making Online Course Registration available to make students’ lives easier, not to cause frustration.

2. Check and make sure you chose FA13 term when you logged into your Student Portal.

3. Check the “How to Register Online For Classes” document.

It’s possible you missed a step somewhere.  Before you panic or call, make sure you followed the instructions.

4. Still not working? Call the Registrar’s Office.

The number is 816-414-3713.  Or you can email them at registrar@mbts.edu.  They’ll work to help resolve your issues and get you registered.

Be courteous.  Others might be having problems also, so you may have to leave a message. They will respond in the order they received the messages.

5. To retrieve your Student Portal Username and/or Password:

Call the Midwestern Seminary Helpdesk at 816-414-3763 (8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.) or email them at helpdesk@mbts.edu.

When Does Online Registration Open?

1. You can start registering online at 6:00 P.M. Monday evening, June 10. 

2. $50 Discount available:

If you register online by August 11, you’ll automatically receive a $50 discount off your registration fee!