For The Church Ames

In partnership with the Baptist Convention of Iowa, Midwestern Seminary is hosting a For The Church Micro-conference at Cornerstone Church, Ames.

Speakers include Jason K. Allen, Jeff Dodge, Rechab Gray, and Jared Wilson on “The Mission and Majesty of The Church.”

This event is FREE.

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Friday, Nov. 3 (Cornerstone Auditorium)

6:30 pm: Welcome
6:35 pm: Worship (Cornerstone Band)
7:00 pm: Session 1: Jason Allen

7:45 pm: Break

8:00 pm: Session 2: Jeff Dodge
8:45 pm: Worship (Cornerstone Band)
9:00 pm: Close
9:30 pm: Late Night Q&A with Charles Smith and Jeff Dodge


Saturday, Nov. 4 (Cornerstone Auditorium)

9:00 am: Welcome
9:05 am: Worship (Cornerstone Band)
9:30 am: Session 3: Rechab Gray

10:15 am: Break

10:30 am: Session 4: Jared C. Wilson
11:15 am: Worship (Cornerstone Band)
11:30 am: Close