MA, Theological Studies

The Master of Arts, Theological Studies degree is offered entirely online to provide biblical, theological and ministry training to people who feel called to continue serving Christ in their current locale. The degree provides a solid foundation of theological studies designed to equip a person for effective and growing ministry. It is designed for pastors, associate pastors, youth pastors, children’s ministers, worship pastors, church planters, missionaries, directors of missions, and laypeople active in ministries of various kinds.

Currently MBTS offers two specialty tracks within the MATS degree program: a Missions emphasis and a Missions emphasis with an International Mission Board (IMB) track.

The MATS degree is a post-baccalaureate degree. Admission requirements to enter this program include a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, evidence of the commitment to and qualities desired for Christian leadership, and the academic ability to engage in graduate education. To apply for admission, complete the MATS Application Form and its requirements.

While not as long as the Master of Divinity (M.Div.), the MATS degree provides training in the same foundational areas of ministry. Understanding of the Christian and Baptist religious heritage is fostered through survey courses in Old Testament and New Testament, Christian History, Theology, and Missions. The cultural context of ministry is dealt with in Apologetics, Ethics, Evangelism and Missions. The Personal Spiritual Disciplines and Evangelism courses deal with candidates’ personal and spiritual formation. Enhancement of students’ capacity for ministerial and public leadership is the focus of Hermeneutics and Church Administration.

There are no prerequisite courses in the program, and courses may be taken in any order as they are offered. There are no elective courses in the MATS program.

This degree program is offered fully online. 

Credit Hours

45 total hours


BS2210 Old Testament Survey I
BS2211 Old Testament Survey II
BS2310 New Testament Survey I
BS2311 New Testament Survey II
BS2400 Intro to Hermeneutics
CE8301 Church Administration
HT3100 History of Christianity I
HT3101 History of Christianity II
HT3200 Theology I
HT3201 Theology II
HT3300 Introduction to Apologetics
HT3400 Christian Ethics
MN5060 Evangelism & Discipleship
MN5468 Leadership Practicum
MS7011 Missiology

Degree Completion Worksheet

Online Tuition Rate

$300/credit hour

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