Academic Accreditation. Intensive missions training. Great Commission fulfillment.

Jesus told his disciples how people would hear when he authoritatively commissioned a small group of his followers to make disciples (who make disciples) of all nations. The challenge is no smaller today than it has been for centuries. Billions of people around the globe live in places of utter darkness where they will be born, live, and die without ever hearing an authentic witness to the Gospel message.
Founded in 2005 at Midwestern College, Fusion began as a directional process whereby young Christian adolescents would grow into biblical adulthood by embracing the call of the gospel through several rites of passage. As students grow in their understanding of Jesus and His call, they are asked, “is it worth it?” In the midst of growing challenges they prepare to take the calculated risk of trusting Jesus to draw people to Himself as He is lifted up to the ends of the earth. Fusion students take ownership of the faith by facing great responsibility with high expectation in the context of life-on-life discipleship in small teams called ‘cohorts.’
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The Fusion process is broken down into three distinct phases:



In preparation to carry the Gospel to hard places, Fusion cohorts prepare spiritually, academically, physically, and contextually.

Spiritual Training

In order to make disciples of all nations, the believer must first be taught the truth of the Gospel and be shown how to live in response to it.  This is accomplished especially through the challenging leadership of the advocate, who is a Fusion alumnus selected by the leadership as a model of biblical adulthood. Advocates teach and train cohorts to orient their lives to the gospel, using life-on-life discipleship, church partnerships, and church planting.

Academic Training

Midwestern College is poised to be an influence in one of the faster growing, yet deeply unreached regions in the United States. Here, exceptional faculty and seasoned missionaries teach the essentials of understanding worldviews and other religions so that students can communicate the Gospel effectively among those who would otherwise never hear. Fusion candidates earn 16 hours of college credit towards the BACM (Missions Focus) degree program* in an effort to learn culture, foreign language, and biblical foundations which are integral to effective service overseas.

Physical Training

Fusion maintains that the body is the Lord’s and must be stewarded as a gift from Him. Therefore, healthy eating and regular exercise will be practiced through weekly challenges and daily exercises. This will not only help individuals cope better with their service on the mission field, but also be prepared to minister in places that require them to live and travel in a much more physically demanding way.

Contextual Training

Utilizing intense training events, Fusion prepares its cohorts for the practical realities of living and working in harsh environments.  Students will receive practical survival skills that will enable them to minister in hard places, even if their basic needs of food, water, and shelter are not given to them. Training events cover first aid, survival practices, transportation navigation, personal security, and loss of comfort and justice.

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19



Cohorts live out their training on the international mission field. Fusion cohorts scatter across the globe to live out their training in partnership with long-term IMB missionary efforts.  The entire second semester (January – May) is spent on the international mission field, learning the local culture, and fulfilling the mission assignment tasked by Jesus nearly 2000 years ago.


Fusion leadership places candidates on a country project at the completion of ground school, according to their gifts, skills, and passions. Most of the unreached people groups remain untouched by the Gospel because they live in places that are physically demanding, spiritually dark, and ideologically opposed to the Gospel.  To proclaim the Gospel among unreached people groups in hard places, there is a level of inevitable risk associated with such a mission.  However, the risk has been accounted for through a high level of training, prior planning, and in-country partnerships.


Upon arrival, cohorts quickly become acclimated to their host cultures by taking on the attitude of a learner and beginning to communicate the Gospel faithfully and effectively. Through immersion in foreign contexts, cohorts form a strong foundation in a local language and in interpreting a new culture.  This is aided through 12 hours of practicum course credit earned while studying cross culturally. Under the supervision of IMB team, Fusion students partner together to implement the Word-based church planting practices learned in Phase 1.

Mission Assignment

In this phase, Fusion cohorts work to sow the powerful Gospel message among the non-believing. Through discipleship, church planting, and partnering with missionaries, Fusion cohorts participate in advancing the kingdom in areas that IMB workers are unable to reach, thereby supporting the long-term efforts in the region.


PHASE 3 – Great Commission

When students complete Fusion, their identity is profoundly changed, and their lives are completely transformed.

Those who complete their international component return and finish their training by earning the Bachelor’s degree. Sharing the Gospel is no longer just an option, but simply what they do, regardless of where they are, whether they are studying in a coffee shop in Kansas City or visiting a village in South America. Fusion does not find its success in what happens during the process; rather, in what happens through the transformed lives of those who completed it.

2016-2017 Application Process

For those seeking admittance to the 2016-2017 class of Fusion at Midwestern College, the following considerations must be taken.

Southern Baptist (SBC) approved applicants who are invited as Fusion candidates will qualify for an overseas scholarship.  There are a limited number of scholarship spots available.  Their overseas rate will be $4,450.

Non-SBC applicants and SBC applicants after the scholarship spots are taken will pay the full overseas cost of $7,000.


Applicants who submit all required materials to Midwestern and IMB by December 1, 2015, will receive $50 off their Ground School deposit.  All applicants after this deadline will pay the full deposit.


  1. Midwestern: Complete an application to Midwestern College.
  2. IMB: Complete an application to be a semester missionary with International Mission Board Students which includes the online form, background check, and three references.
  3. Fusion: Applicants who are approved by both Midwestern and IMB will be contacted by Fusion Leadership to set up a staff interview and to request further information.  The Fusion team will communicate a decision to each applicant within two weeks of the staff interview.  Applicants can expect the Fusion Leadership team to either (1) extend an invitation to the applicant to be a candidate in Fusion or (2) inform the applicant that they are no longer being considered for candidacy.
  4. Deposit: The decision to accept the invitation to candidacy must be made within two weeks of receipt and must be accompanied by a $300 non-refundable deposit to hold a spot.  This deposit will cover a portion of the ground school costs incurred for each candidate.


The Fusion staff will humbly review each applicant in an effort to invite those candidates who will best thrive in the Fusion process.  Applicants will be considered according to the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate a unique desire to submit to the Fusion process.
  • Be physically capable to handle the demands of Fusion’s training process.
  • Be emotionally stable enough to adapt to Fusion’s training process.
  • Be academically fit for the mental rigor of Fusion classes.
  • Be socially adept to participate and contribute in the life of a small team.


If you have any questions or would like to request more information, you can contact a Fusion staff member at 816-414-3777 or fusion@mbts.edu.  All mail for Fusion can be addressed:  Midwestern Baptist College, Att: Fusion 5001 North Oak Trfwy, Kansas City, MO 64118