Preparation to Live Your Calling

Midwestern trains men and women for the church. We accomplish this with a robust educational experience that emphasizes programs, degrees and classes that will teach, grow and enrich students for the church every minute of their classroom time.

Our faculty boasts degrees from schools such as the University of Abderdeen, University of Edinburgh, and Cambridge to Southern Seminary, Southwestern Seminary, Southeastern Seminary, New Orleans Seminary, Golden Gate Seminary as well as Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Hebrew Union College and more. Beyond excellent educational backgrounds, our esteemed professors care for each student on an individual basis, providing a personal experience for each. Their experience as pastors, missionaries and denominational leaders gives students preparing for ministry a special opportunity to learn from men who have gone before them.

All faculty publicly sign the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, signifying their commitment to confessional and doctrinal fidelity as they teach at Midwestern.

Programs of Study

Master’s Programs

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary offers the Master of Divinity degree as our primary track for ministry preparation. It equips students to serve the church in pastoral ministry, Christian leadership, evangelism, and missions. Our residential Master of Arts degrees train students theologically and are designed primarily for lay leaders and those seeking additional specialized training. Midwestern Baptist College offers the Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree as an ideal track for students seeking the greater flexibility of online Christian training.

Doctoral Programs

Our doctoral programs provide opportunities for advanced research and preparation in the fields of practical theology, Christian counseling, and biblical exegesis, for service in the academy and the church.

Bachelor’s Programs

The Bachelor of Arts program offers majors in Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, and Missionary Aviation. The Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry programs offer second majors as well, equipping students with practical skills and foundational knowledge for graduate study and bi-vocational ministry. The MACCEL Program is an accelerated course of study for students with substantial life-experience. Fusion provides a one-year course of study combining theological education with a semester of intensive missions experience overseas.

Associate’s Programs

The Associate of Divinity program is an introductory program that prepares students for vocational ministry.

Associate of Arts

Associate of Divinity

Online Programs

For those needing a more flexible approach to college and seminary, Midwestern Baptist offers both Master’s and Bachelor’s programs that can be completed up to 100% online.

Bachelor’s Degrees